Advice To Questions Regarding The Celebrations of The Non-Muslims by Shaykh Abū Ḥakīm Bilāl ibn Aḥmad Davis

Questions & Answers

Question 1

My 6 yr old non-Muslim step daughter is participating in her school’s Christmas musical and my wife, who is new to Islām, is asking me if she can go. She knows that I’m firmly against this, but she’s really struggling with it because she doesn’t want our daughter to resent her for not participating in her school stuff. Additionally, some of my wife’s non-Muslim family are pressuring her to attend and accusing her of not being supportive. What do you advise in this case?

Question 2

Is it permissible to attend a Christmas lunch where there is no ascription to the holiday. Family members are hosting a lunch with the notion of bringing family together for a meal as it’s a holiday from work and school. Is it permissible to attend and partake of the meal without celebrating the event.

Question 3

Here in the Caribbean there are certain dishes prepared to commemorate Christmas that are only made and served during the Christmas season. Would eating these dishes be considered partaking in the festival? If a neighbour, for example, gave you a fruit cake can you accept it?

Question 4

Is it allowed for me to accept extra work days at my job in order to facilitate my colleague getting Christmas gift-shopping days and other privileges?

Question 5

I live in a non-muslim country, and at my work they say happy holidays or merry Christmas. What is the best and most appropriate answer to them?

Question 6

I am a new Muslim and a teenager. How do I enlighten my Christian parents, who I financially depend upon, that I can’t assist with the holiday cleaning and food preparation?


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